Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ronin's Finishes with 2nd Place @ MPOC 2010 Finale (2nd & 3rd October 2010) & Season Overall #1 Ranking 2010

At the recent concluded Grand Finale of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit 2010, Team Ronin came back strong to finish 2nd Place after losing 2-3 in a very close fought finals. This was our 4th finals in 5 legs with a win and three (2nd Place) finishing. Team Ronin however finally finished the season the #1 ranked team in the league. It has been an honour doing battle with you guys – Oden, Shamsher, Romanoff, Greg, Bernard, Izrol, Luke & Griffin (STK) and Julian.

We would like to thank these few very special people who made it possible for us to keep on fighting and be where we are now. Our hearts goes out to Dianne, Bourke & James (MacDev Australia), Bernard Cheng (Paintball TAG), Eddy Tahir (Sabah Paintball Association), and Nicholas & Paul (Napshot/MPOC)!

Alan "ACE" Lian #31
Team Macdev Ronin

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