Friday, July 15, 2011

Bourke Grundy from MACDEV will be at MPOC 5th Leg (Putrajaya Cup) 23rd & 24th July 2011

During the upcoming Grand Finale Leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), MacDev’s very own Bourke Grundy will be down in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) once again to launch the new Drone DX marker. We are very fortunate because we will be the first to the witness the unveiling of the new mid-range marker! Bourke, will be present during the tournament to showcase how the Drone DX works and to provide technical support as well. So please feel free to drop by the Napshot booth to speak to one of the designers of all MacDev products!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MACDEV launches the new Drone DX

After 8 months of testing a new and improved Drone drivetrain, MacDev has finally launched a new mid-range speedball marker using the new Drone DX drivatrain. This awesome marker has a full aluminium machined body, while not as light as its big brother the Clone/Clone VX it still has all of its parts such as:

> VX Tooless Feedneck

> VX Gladiator Regulator

> VX Trigger

> VX On/Off ASA

> MatchStik Barrel

Even though it’s not as air efficient as the Clone, the Drone DX can shoot up to 1400 plus shots per fill. It uses a simpler design of the drivetrain and a newly designed solenoid! The standard stock colours are Brown, Red, Green, Grey and Black. All this for only US$550 retailed! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit 2011 (Event 4) 11th & 12th June (Xtion Paintball Cup)

At the recent concluded MPOC 2011 (Event 4) @ Xtion Paintball, Bukit Jalil - Team MacDev Ronin went up a notch by qualifying for our first finals of the season. We finished 2nd Place after losing a close final (2-3) to Nemesis Legion. In this event we had our close friends from STK Australia (Daniel Woods) guesting with us. It was a memorable weekend for us after a slow start at the beginning of the year.

By Alan “Ace” Lian #31

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Team MacDev Ronin finishes 3rd Place @ MPOC 2011 (Event 2) Dataran Pahlawan Mall, Malacca (5th & 6th Mac)

After a poor start at MPOC (Event 1), we came back strong by finishing 3rd Place at the MPOC (Event 2) which was held at the awesome fields of the Dataran Pahlawan Mall in Malacca. During the event we had our friends from Team STK of Australia guesting with us. Thanks Luke, Daniel and Andrew!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Team MacDev Ronin finishes 4th Place @ World Cup Asia (26th -28th Nov) and named “WCA Best Malaysian Team 2010”

Team MacDev Ronin finished the year on a high note by coming out 4th Place at the recent World Cup Asia @ Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)! In a total of 16 teams from Australia, Iran, Thailand, France, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom and Malaysia, we managed to survive the onslaught of many of these top teams in the Asian region and some parts of the world. On top of that we were also awarded the “WCA BEST NATION TEAM”, which was sweeter than when we won “BEST PAINTBALL CLUB” in 2008 which we also finished 2nd Place in the WCA! We would like to thank all who helped us during this tournament ~ Ash, Adrian, Andi (Sabah), Team Rock & Rolla, Luke & Griffin (Team STK) ~ we would not have made it if it was not for you guys, you guys were awesome! I would like to specially like to thank Julian and Hafez (Sabah) for helping out with the MD Tech Booth giving support to all of our MacDev Militia members!!!

Special thanks to the organizers of the WCA, ref, technical crews, etc. We also would like to thank our sponsors who believed in us after all these years ~ MacDev Australia (Dianne, Bourke & James), Paintball TAG (Bernard), Napshot (Paul, Nicholas & Kevin), Sabah Paintball Association (Eddy & Hafez), and lastly our new sponsor from Empire who will be gearing us up for 2011!

My warmest heart felt thanks to a team who has gone through thick and thin as a Ronin family through out the year to give such awesome results by appearing in 4 finals in the MPOC league, MPOC (2nd Leg) (1st Place), Sabah Youth Cup (1st Place), Kuching CM Cup (4th Place) & World Cup Asia (4th Place). You guys rock ~ Julian, Oden, Shamsher, Romanoff, Bernard, Greg, Ash, Andi, Izrol, Adrian Joitol (Sabah), Eddy (Sabah), Andi (Sabah) and to our extended Ronin family Luke Martin & Griffin Lumbers (STK) and Lars, Andreas, Joel & Hendrick (Stockholm Ignition).

Thank you to all of our friends who supported us during all of our tournaments this year, SEE YOU ALL IN 2011! Come and play in the best national league in Malaysia the MALAYSIAN PAINTBALL OFFICIAL LEAGUE (MPOC) 2011!!!

Alan “Ace” Lian #31


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ronin's Finishes with 2nd Place @ MPOC 2010 Finale (2nd & 3rd October 2010) & Season Overall #1 Ranking 2010

At the recent concluded Grand Finale of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit 2010, Team Ronin came back strong to finish 2nd Place after losing 2-3 in a very close fought finals. This was our 4th finals in 5 legs with a win and three (2nd Place) finishing. Team Ronin however finally finished the season the #1 ranked team in the league. It has been an honour doing battle with you guys – Oden, Shamsher, Romanoff, Greg, Bernard, Izrol, Luke & Griffin (STK) and Julian.

We would like to thank these few very special people who made it possible for us to keep on fighting and be where we are now. Our hearts goes out to Dianne, Bourke & James (MacDev Australia), Bernard Cheng (Paintball TAG), Eddy Tahir (Sabah Paintball Association), and Nicholas & Paul (Napshot/MPOC)!

Alan "ACE" Lian #31
Team Macdev Ronin