Thursday, July 14, 2011

MACDEV launches the new Drone DX

After 8 months of testing a new and improved Drone drivetrain, MacDev has finally launched a new mid-range speedball marker using the new Drone DX drivatrain. This awesome marker has a full aluminium machined body, while not as light as its big brother the Clone/Clone VX it still has all of its parts such as:

> VX Tooless Feedneck

> VX Gladiator Regulator

> VX Trigger

> VX On/Off ASA

> MatchStik Barrel

Even though it’s not as air efficient as the Clone, the Drone DX can shoot up to 1400 plus shots per fill. It uses a simpler design of the drivetrain and a newly designed solenoid! The standard stock colours are Brown, Red, Green, Grey and Black. All this for only US$550 retailed! CHECK THEM OUT!!!